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Princeworld Empowerment And Skill Acquisition Programme

In line with the government’s effort to reduce unemployment, Princeworld International Ventures have delved into the entrepreneurial services through the following:- Business Development/Management Programme, Proposal Writing, Skill Acquisition, Mentorship Programme for entrepreneurs, Concept Note Development, Business Plan Development, Proposal Writing, Phone/Laptop Repairs, Web Design Training, Computer Appreciation

There are about six (6) empowerment/skills acquisition programmes designed for our esteemed clients to make them self-reliant and they are as follows:

  1. Business Seminar/workshop Programme
  2. Skill Acquisition programme
  3. Entrepreneurship/business development and Management training Programme
  4. NYSC Seminar Programme
  5. Free Entrepreneurship Seminar Programme
  6. Women Empowerment/Home Management Programme

Skill Acquisition Programme

In this segment, the client shall be given a special knowledge on various skills and trade to enable him/her realize the potentials inherent in him/her and bring them to bare for productivity. The client will also through the skill acquisition programme, understand his/her passion for a particular skill or trade. This programme will run for one or two months but must not be more than two months as it is a progressive programme. The participants shall have access to soft loans to set-up their business. Here are the some of the skills to be acquired:

  • Catering
  • Pastry Making
  • Bead Making
  • Laptop/Phone Repairs
  • Web Designing/Hosting
  • Social Media/Online Marketing
  • Entrepreneurship/Business Development & Management Training
  • Events Management
  • Soap/Detergent Making
  • Tailoring
  • Graphics Design
  • Computer Engineering/Networking
  • Women Empowerment Training Programme & Family/Home Management
  • Makeup
  • Photography
  • Computer Appreciation Etc.

Business Seminar/Workshop

This programme was designed to give free mentorship plans and other free services in a continuous manner. The idea is to reawaken the unique thought in those individual who already have small businesses but have the dare need to expand it to become big business ventures. It runs for four (4) Saturdays progressively in a month. The programme will progressively make them become self-reliant without a seed capital. Hereunder is the mapped-out plan for the programme in four Saturdays consecutively:

  1. Business Development Basics
  • Entrepreneurship Fundamentals
  • Developing a Business Concept
  • Business Structure/Feasibility
  • Developing a Business Plan
  1. Financial Management For Small Businesses
  • Basic Financial Reports
  • The Balance Sheet
  • Creating Projected Financial Statements
  • Cash Flow Management/Analysis
  • Financial Prioritization
  1. Effective Customer Relations Management
  • Customer Support
  • Retaining Customer Accounts
  • First Impression Approach
  1. Advancing Your Business To The Next Level
  • Developing A Business System
  • Employee Management
  • Diversification
  • Priortization
  • Savings

Entrepreneurship/Business Development and Management Training Programme

The programme was designed to take care of the skilled individuals i.e. those who already are graduates in various fields of academics – viz Bsc, HND, ND, etc holders. It was meant to give them an in-depth resources and sound mind/thought to do better in their chosen skills and future pursuits. The idea is to enable them understand how to convert their already qcuired skills and capacity into wealth. It shall run for four (4) months on each part and shall be observed for three (3) quarters in a year. They shall also observe one (1) month industrial training (IT) to sharpen them up with access to soft loan to start their own business. The training shall be in five (5) phases viz:

  1. Training in Information and Communication Technology – 3 months
  2. Training on Business Development and Management – 1 month
  3. Industrial Training – 1 month
  4. Training on conversion of already acquired skill into wealth – 1 week
  5. Mentorship Plan – continuous

NYSC Seminar Programme

This is an entirely free programme for the young school leavers designed to teach them how to enjoy a fruitful and productive service year. They can equally sign for skill acquisition and ICT training programme to prepare them for good future pursuits and become better citizens the nation will be proud of.

Free Seminar Entrepreneurship Programme

This programme was designed to give virtually free mentorship and other free services to all and sundry. It will take place once every month precisely on the first (1st) Friday of every month where people shall be tutored purely on our programmes, distribute our hand-bills and register them for follow-up much later. The idea is to reawaken the thought in an individual who already have natural talent but does not know how to put it into meaningful use.

Women Empowerment Programme

Women empowerment was actually designed to increase the degree of autonomy and self-determination in them and in our communities in order to enable them to represent their interests in a responsible and self-determined way, acting on their own authority.  This programme will run for two (2) months and it was designed to teach the women their role in home development and family building. It shall equally let the women understand the prerequisite in proper home management, time management and how to convert skills into wealth. The idea is to see ideal, happy homes/families in Nigeria.