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Princeworld Consultancy

  • PRINCEWORLD CONSULTANCY  PRINCEWORLD consultancy is a consulting arm of PRINCEWORLD group that is saddles with the responsibility of developing and driving consultancy services in HR/ Business Development and Management.

    Below our services:

    • Employment/Recruitment
    • Educational Services
    • Designing of Organizational Administrative Chart
    • R. Support services
    • Training and Retraining
    • Institutionalization of In-house Training Structure
    • Establishment of Training Calendar
    • Developing Customized Organization Employee Evaluation Format
    • Designing Employee Retention Programme
    • Employee Verification
    • Organizational Restructuring
    • Management Development
    • Capacity Building
    • Baseline Study
    • Feasibility Study
    • Management Support Services


    • Computer Engineering/Installation and Networking
    • ICT Consulting
    • Computer Training/capacity building
    • ICT Facilities, Procurement and Installation.


    • Product marketing
    • Service marketing
    • Online product/services campaign and marketing
    • Establishing organizational social media platform

    Our Clients can always count on us to market their products and services using our social media platforms.


    • Recruitment Consulting: These services will not undermine your employment processes and structures as we will be responsible in providing all your staffing needs by sending applicants according to your request for further assessment by your organization recruitment team. These services attract no costs to your organization as you will only be responsible for implementing the understanding we have with the applicants as you will be empowered to do so.
    • Out-sourcing of staff recruitment: These services empower our company to undertake the complete process of recruitment and placement to your organization according to your required services.

    This particular service attracts some service charge but subject to negotiation.