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PRINCEWORLD is also in the business of taking our nation back to land through the invigoration of Agro Productions in Nigeria. We equally seize the opportunities inherent in the agriculture to letting our youth venture and tap potentials in the business. This is observed through the following ways:

Cassava Farming and Processing

Cassava farming particularly in Southern part and parts of North-central in Nigeria is as old as the country but little did citizens understand that it is a very lucrative business. In Nigeria, it is consumed as a staple food in different forms. Today, cassava can make one a business icon through the processing, packaging, exportation and importation.

Cassava farming and processing business plan in Nigeria can be used for grant applications, bank loans, proposal writing, business concept note, competitions, etc. Cassava farming and processing business in Nigeria is a laudable farming business that needs a lot of planning to start.

It is a kind of venture one can endear into and will be smiling to the banks in style.

In PRINCEWORLD, we have over two (2) hectares of cassava farm so could see we are equipped to empower trainees on the investment potentials of cassava farming.

 Snail Farming

Snail farming in Nigeria is a virgin in the kingdom of livestock as a result; the earlier investors without doubt have bright prospects in exploring this venture. Snail is a practicable and viable venture yet unexplored in Nigeria.

The demand for snail is higher than the supplies as such the market potential of snail is inexhaustible, locally and internationally.

Over the years, PRINCEWORLD Agro Consultancy has developed customized approach to train the youths on snail farming and how to create a sustainable wealth through snail farming.

Fish Farming

It is now a normal saying that Catfish Farming in Nigeria has turned out to be one of the most lucrative and profitable business to launch in Nigeria recently.

Fish farming in Nigeria is one business or investment to consider when it comes to investment opportunities that is currently paying in Nigeria.

We are focused in PRINCEWORLD and determined to empower our youth on choosing fish farming as a way of their financial advancement.

Poultry Farming

Poultry farming is usually the business one can recommend for individuals who are passionate about livestock farming. In the past, people were non-challant about breeding birds or cultivating crops for profits but with the recent global burst in population and a worldwide demand for food, people are now beginning to realize the potential of providing the most important basic need of man.

The poultry is a broad niche. There are many sub-sectors in the poultry industry which you can tap into. When poultry farming is mentioned, a lot of people take to mean chicken rearing or turkey rearing alone but poultry farming is a very wide business with different aspects.

Many youth can tap into our expertise to build their capacity and creative minds towards poultry farming.

Plantain Plantation

The West Africa happens to be one of the few places around the world were plantain can successfully be cultivated simply because they have the best soil composition that can support the growth of plantains and they can boast of having over 100 species of plantain.

The capital required to setup a plantain farm can be considered to be moderate but it is indeed a very profitable business to go into as an entrepreneur who lives in Nigeria or in any country with a tropical climate. The basic thing you need to do to get started with your own plantain farm is to secure farming and, prepare the land and then cultivate your plantain.

The fact that loads of people eat plantain makes plantain farming a very lucrative business. Plantains can be eaten when fried or cooked. Plantains can be processed into various forms, it can be processed as juice and it can as well be processed as plantain chips, amongst others.

In PRINCEWORLD, we have developed a practical capacity not just to train but to empower people on how to create wealth through plantain farming.

Palm Plantation

The palm tree is one of the most economically viable plants in Sub-Saharan Africa. It boasts of rich contents such as palm oil, palm wood, raffia wood, ivory nuts, palm syrup, rattan cane, broom sticks and carnauba wax; in-fact there is hardly any part of the tree that is a waste. Little wonder, the entire economy of a country like Malaysia depends largely on palm tree planting and palm oil exportation.

However, the reason a lot of Nigerians shy away from this goldmine is because they think that palm trees take so many years to mature to that point of making money from it.  That is total ignorance, a typical palm tree starts producing just two years after planting.

Get the high yield seed from the Nigerian Institute for Oil Palm Research or any other places you can find it and make it germinate. If you do not take care of the seeds, it will take them several years to germinate. To make it germinate fast, the seeds are kept in a very hot room. This makes the seeds to germinate in about 90 to 100 days.

When the seeds are germinated, you transfer them into small plastic container with black loam manured oil. They will grow new leaf every month. The young seedlings will stays in the container for 4 to 5 months when you can start transplanting the seedling to the nursery. The seedlings will stay in the nursery for 1 year. By that time, they will have about 15 green leaves, and then you finally transplant them into your prepared farm land. The overall period it will take before the seedlings are transplanted into the farm is 15 to 17 months.

The only little impediment to palm plantation is land but in PRINCEWORLD we have seasoned and well trained experts who are saddled with the responsibilities of empowering the trainees on how to count those challenges into their success stories.