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About Us

PRINCEWORLD is a consultancy firm dully registered with the Corporate Affairs Commission of Nigeria (CAC). Established with the aim of carrying out consultancy services in the following areas,

  • HR Consulting/Business Development and Management Consulting.
  • ICT HUB.
  • ICT Training Institute.
  • Facilities/Estate Management Consulting
  • Business Training Institute
  • Empowerment/Skills Acquisition Training Project
  • Agro Production/Processing Consulting

We are a group of seasoned, well trained, experienced and passionate consultants with long track records of excellence in all these aforementioned areas and also a member of PastarGold World Consortium.



  • Developing indigenous and creative model in skill acquisition and human capital development.
  • Providing free support services to small scale businesses on entrepreneurship/business development and management programme to enable them have a sustainable growth and overcome all business challenges.
  • Creation of an ”affordable platform for gainful and sustainable employment” as well as develop a ”customized solution to all organizational challenges’’ to champion indigenous evolution in HR, organizational restructuring, management development, entrepreneurship development, consultancy and other related services.


  • To help over 50 million people in acquiring a positive attitude to success and also build their self confidence to be responsible in driving their future through free Training/Capacity Building, Mentorship plan and online campaign.
  • To help our clients gain lasting competitive advantage through innovation, policy review, organizational restructuring, developing customized performance evaluation technique, training and retraining plus operational excellence.


To create and drive the largest/biggest consulting hub in West Africa through developing and driving indigenous revolution in Capacity Building, Entrepreneurship Development, massive job creation through Skill Acquisition, ICT, AGRO Production/Processing and Business Training Programmes.



  • We offer the best professional consultancy solutions to our clients.
  • We are trusted and responsible in our dealings and act with a high level of integrity in every service we render.


Understands Each Clients Objectives and Needs

It is within our values to know our clients at a personal level so that we can develop and deliver customized solutions to meet each individual’s portfolio.

We care about people and the role of work in their lives. We respect people as individuals, trusting them, supporting them, enabling them to achieve their aims, rediscover themselves in work and in life.

Hassle – Free we take on your challenges and convert them to your success and guarantee you results and we are available to serve you at all times.

No Risk

You are not obligated to pay any registration or membership fee.

One Stop Process

Not only do we find suitable employees for you, we also assist you to train your staff.

We have one aim: To be the best and biggest consultancy hub in Africa.